In the year 2005, I was awakened by a kiss from God
(the universe, awareness, eternal love, intelligent energy or however we wish to call it).
Ever since then I can no longer believe in the illusion of life.
We aren’t human beings having an occasional spiritual experience.
No, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
This message was so loud and clear to me that I wanted to shout it from the roof tops: ‘We’re all angels on earth, everything is pre-destined so worrying is a waste of energy.
It is as it is, and everything is unfolding according to a perfectly orchestrated divine plan. Everything is love, yet we have forgotten about that.
We have fallen asleep, thousands of years ago, and now is the time to awaken and remember the truth.

I was desperate when I saw my loved ones looking at me and worrying, not understanding what I wanted to tell them.
They were wondering out loud where the Daniëlle they knew, had gone, the Daniëlle who was in service of her family, to whom nothing was too much to ask.
Who was this woman that suddenly had forgotten how to operate the washer?
She said she was born again, could only talk about angels, love, God and world peace.
And she was convinced that it was her job on earth to write a book about it!


Being the daughter of singer Willeke Alberti and the wife of former soccer player and coach John van ‘t Schip made Daniëlle Oonk a celeb herself.
Through the practice of yoga she embarks on the journey of finding the power of spirituality, peace and harmony.
When she and John are going through rough times, she has a spiritual experience. She discovers an omnipresent divine plan.

About Daniëlle and The Big Truth
“Loving, honest, spiritual and very special! That’s my sister and that is how she writes.”
Johnny de Mol

“Daniëlle’s moving life story takes the reader back to something many of us have lost: the innocence of a child.
The famous song Willy Alberti used to sing to her, ‘The smile of a child makes you realize you’re alive”, couldn’t have been more fitting.
Daniëlle has the gift to see the world through a child’s eyes and reminds us we’re alive.
Possibly the biggest gift you can offer someone.”
Tijn Touber

“Born in a world of keeping up appearances and loads of glam and glitter, where the stars in the sky are spotlights and the moon is a balloon, Daniëlle from an early age was in search of true love in every person.
It seemed as if the child was born to bring purpose to existence.”
Belinda Meuldijk in ‘Willeke Alberti; life as a song’

A few reactions

This morning I read the book the Big Truth by Daniëlle Van ‘t Schip Oonk. I’m speechless. A book that holds a power and openness that is hard to describe. The road called spirituality, so natural, so difficult.
About relationship, light and love, spirits and angels, understanding and misunderstanding, mother-daughter love, power of thought, ancient and new wisdom and much more. Most of all it was courageous and a matter of stamina to write such a beautiful and loving book.
I want to thank you, dear Daniëlle, and I hope that many people will read this book!
Love rules…! #thinkingdifferently#newspirituality#ancientwisdom@reliving

Dear Daan!
Read your book in a single breath (at least that’s how it seemed)! What a wonderful book, straight from your heart, I felt the love entering, tears in my eyes, goose bumps of recognition… I want to thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your Being. I am that I am… Namasté beautiful soul, love & light

Dear Daniëlle
THANK YOU for the super fun afternoon! The best book presentation ever, as far as I’m concerned!!! What a warm, loving atmosphere!!! And what a beautiful, fun and funny person you are!!! I so enjoyed your exuberance and your story made me laugh so hard! You spoke so beautifully and honestly! All morning I’ve been reading, crying and laughing!! You’ve put it so wonderfully!!! Like I’m in the middle of a movie! And so much recognition, warmth, love, connection, beauty!!!